View The Source Code

Every website on the internet is created using a programming language called "html". In order
to see the "html code" that is used to create a webpage, we must click "view", then "source"
within our web browser (IE , Opera).

Whether or not they are using <h1> header tags and are placing the keyword "weight loss
story" within those tags.

Whether or not they are using their main keyword in the <title> tags of the website. In this
case, they are, which is one of the main reasons they're currently ranked highly for "weight
loss stories"(our dummy keyword)

Whether or not they've bolded, underlined, or italicized the words "weight loss story"
anywhere in the body of the webpage. Bolding is something we can do right away, so now we
know that we should also bold some of the keywords throughout our copy.

Whether or not they are using <alt> image tags and placing the keyword "weight loss
stories" within that tag. In this case, that answer is easy because they're not even using
any images at all! This is definitely something we can do when optimizing our website. And
another thing we can do to "one-up" this #1 ranked website. It is best to add images that
are actually named after our main keyword. For example, we could insert an image and
call it weight-loss-stories-graphic1.jpg and so on.

The final thing we want to note is whether or not they've placed the keyword once at the
very beginning of the copy, and once at the very end of the copy. This is another thing we
can do to better optimize our webpage.

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